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    Suddenly CC has a strange new lagging? Help!

    adamdbrowne Level 1

      I've been using CC 2015 for the last couple months with reasonable success.  Sure, I've noticed some of the bugs/issues that we've all been posting about, but generally I've still been able to get my work done... until now!

      Yesterday, for no apparent reason, After Effects began pausing or lagging in ways that don't make any sense.  Every 5-10 seconds, it will become unresponsive for about 3 seconds. You can imagine how annoying that would become! It doesn't matter what I'm doing; naming a comp, adjusting curves, working within a big 3rd party plugin, even just selecting a layer!  For a while I though my system might be the problem (specs below, btw) but after several restarts and some clean-up, the problem remains. And it only happens within After Effects (Actually, I think I've noticed it in Premiere as well, to a lesser degree), not in any other software.  Any brilliant ideas out there?


      My system specs:

      Late 2013 Mac Pro

      3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5

      16 GB RAM

      AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB graphics card