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    How to link to a specific page in a PDF created using PowerPoint

    Pasty Redhead



      I've looked everywhere and cannot find an answer to this—maybe I'm using the incorrect terminology.

      I've created an InDesign book with a page containing a list of topics. These topics are explained in step-by-step detail in a PowerPoint "how-to" document. I would like to be able to link each individual topic on the InDesign page to a specific page in the PowerPoint file (or the PDF created from the PowerPoint file). There are over 40 topics in the PowerPoint file. I've created a hyperlink to open and download the entire file, but what I'd really like to do is this:


      The viewer opens the PDF version of my InDesign file and sees the individual topics listed. By clicking on a line item within the InDesign PDF, the viewer is taken to a specific page of the PowerPoint file (or the PDF I created from it). Both of these files—the PDF version of the booklet and the "How-to" PowerPoint and PDF files are accessible via a cloud server environment by everyone in my company (that's my audience).

      This HAS to be possible; maybe my brain is just fried from writing and illustrating all those steps inPowerPoint. I'd have used InDesign for that too, but the ultimate keeper of that document isn't an InDesign user and needs to be able to update it.


      I would be so grateful for a solution to this; it's driving me nuts. Thank you!