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    Is there a way to view all my styles in the 'Styles and Formatting' pod at once?


      Hey all,


      I have been researching a way to view all of the styles in the ‘Styles and Formatting’ pod for a while and I’m running into snags while getting it to work.


      My company uses a massive amount of styles and despite trying to narrow them all universally to just paragraph styles, I can’t seem to find a way to either scroll out and see them all in one view, or shorten the space between the style titles in the pod.


      Does anyone know of a way to do this, and if so can it be applied to that pod as a default setting, OR a quick way to do this each time. (short of deleting styles we may only use every now and then and have to add them in later occasionally.)

      A response A.S.A.P would be great, got A LOT of web and printed generations to do within the next few weeks.


      (All in Robohelp 11, we FINALLY got away from 9)