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    can i make my RAM preview go way faster? (Mac)


      Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 23.28.20.pngmy ram preview goes at about 0.700 fps out of 30, is there a way to load the frames faster so i can play it in realtime after its done. Like you press play once to load the clips and press the spacebar again to play it in realtime, but i want the ram preview (when you press spacebar once) to run more than 0.700 fps and get frames loaded quicker..


      is it like where you add more ram to photoshop, im on a macbook pro with 4gb of ram..

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          More ram helps. AE must cache the frames before they can playback in real time. Only CC 2015 will do a ram preview with the space bar. If you have CC 2014 or earlier you must initiate a ram preview using the Preview Panel, the 0 key on the numeric keypad or by using the Composition>Preview menu. If you have CC 2014 or newer you will NEVER get a ram preview using the space bar. It will always playback at less than real time because you are using the wrong controls.


          Longer and faster to render ram previews are achieved by setting the composition Zoom Factor (first adjustment on the left in the comp panel) to 50% or less and the resolution to Auto. 4GB is barely enough ram to run AE. It's not enough to get much of a ram preview of an HD comp at full resolution. I'd suggest investing in more ram at your first opportunity.