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    Epub print options

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,

      How can I allow someone who purchases an Epub book created with Adobe InDesign and published through Apple iBooks to print the book in PDF format or on paper through Adobe Digital Editions, or to go to a link in say, an Adobe Muse or Adobe Business Catalyst website, and access the PDF format of the book for downloading and printing.


      In other words, I want only those folks who purchase our Epub book to have some way to print it out in paper of PDF form without paying an additional fee, but I want only those who purchase the Epub book to have access to the PDF format file, not the general public who will just download and use it without paying.


      Any suggestions?  Is there some way to write in a password in Adobe InDesign Epub format when publishing it so that a password can be entered in Adobe Digital Editions and it will grant permission for the Epub book to be printed in PDF or on paper through a connected printer?