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    LR6 making Private Flickr albums Public when adding a new photo help


      Using LR6 6.1.1 on Mac. Not CC. Stand alone app.


      I have a bunch of Flickr albums I use Lightroom builtin Flickr plugin publish too. Some Public some Private albums. Private with the kids.


      When I upload a new photo to an already existing Private album - LR makes the entire album public and all its photos public. Found out the hard way tonight - got a Flickr email saying someone Favorited a picture of mine - a photo of 11 year old niece I uploaded today! I just went to Flickr in Safari - deleted cookies so I wasn't logged into Flickr and yup, a Private album with that new photo is now all Public. In Flickr I reset it to Private.


      LR doesn't seem to respect the Permissions settings of an Album. Or at least I can't find in LR.


      Any help very appreciated.