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    Script for saving "folder.jpg" thumbnails?


      I can't seem to find an alternative to File Explorer that lets you set a custom image for folders, so I have had to manually create folder.jpg thumbnails. The annoying part is when I hit save, Photoshop won't default to the directory that the image I am editing is in, but the last directory I had saved to.


      Is it possible to make a script that automatically saves an image as "folder.jpg" in the same directory that the original occupies?

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Have you look at Photoshop's script Image Processor?  Menu File>Scripts>Image Processor.  Even better there is a Plug-in script you can dowmload and install from the Web.  Image Processor Pro,  One installed you will find it in meny File>Automate>Image Processor Pro...


          There are Photoshop scripts that can build Web Photo galleries.  Where Thumbnails. Web size Jpeg files and Html will all be generated