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    InDesign layers automatically compress when I return to my doc?

    mbaka2 Level 1

      If my layers are "open" (arrow heads pointing down=open rather than to the right="closed"), when I go to a different doc and return to this doc, all of the layers are "closed" (arrow heads pointing to the right=closed). This appears to be happening automatically in InDesign CC (latest build). Of course, if my layers were to remain "open," then as I select a page the contents of the layer for that page would  appears instantly—which is very nice to keep all the other layer info from cluttering my panel.


      As it is now, every time I return from a different doc to the InDesign doc I'm working on I must tediously go through and "open" the layers so that they will show the layer info when I change pages. Of course, I have set up the doc so that the selected page and layer are synced. I cannot imagine that everyone has to go through this unnecessary and tedious operation. I could not find any preference or option to change this or anyone asking this question on the forum.