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    How do you import RAW photos into LR with the Camera presets?


      How do you import RAW photos into LR with the Camera presets?

      When I import photos from my Canon 70D to LR they show up in the grid view as taken with camera but when I open it, the photo opens with the camera preset then goes to the RAW format and I'm not able to see it with the camera presets again. Then when I go back to grid view it's changed to the RAW format.  Such as a B&W photo changes to Color and stays that way. I want to shoot in RAW for the detail.  If I shoot in jpeg mode it keeps its camera presets when imported into LR.  I have the Lightroom version: CC 2015.1.1 [ 1032027 ].

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can’t shoot raw and have Adobe process the raw data as if the Canon processed the raw data.


          Adobe and Canon are distinct companies and do not have access to each other’s intellectual property that includes their raw processing algorithms. 


          Furthermore, Adobe is not about to try to simulate every camera manufacturer’s camera’s processing.  Adobe takes camera raw data and processes it according to Adobe’s algorithms relatively the same for all cameras.


          The camera can tell Adobe what the color of lighting or the white-balance it chose was, but that sort of information can be communicated in a camera-independent way, so Adobe can use it.  The rest of the camera settings are specific to the camera’s raw converter that Adobe has no information about and no intention to try to duplicate.


          For cameras Adobe provides them for, and I think the 70D is one, what you can do is set a particular camera-match profile in the Camera Calibration section.  Adobe isn’t going to know what camera profile the camera shot with, but you at least have the choice of setting your own.  These camera-match profiles are simulations Adobe has created by photographing special color targets and creating a profile that mostly matches the camera jpgs, but it’s only approximate.

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