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    how to recover virtual copies + meta info for pictures that were in lightroom and got moved in finder


      hey there,


      since i bought my new camera i've been extremely organized in my new photo folders. (organized by date then name of the event. ex: "YYYY-MM-DD - golf tournament").

      these were all on my 'external hdd', in a folder called 'photography hdd'.


      tonight i decided to go in another folder of the same external hard drive (external hdd > media > photos) which has never been organized. i used the same organizing method mentioned above and created organized-by-date folders to reorganize these photos.

      then, when i was done organizing this 'photos' folder, i dragged all these organized-by-date folders to 'photography-hdd', then deleted this 'photos' folder. in other words, i added them to my main Lightroom library folder where all the other edited ones have always been.

      then, i had the genius idea to change the name 'photography hdd' to 'photos', simply because it was cleaner...


      once in Lightroom, i wasn't too sure what to click to update my 'photography hdd' folder, now called 'photos' in Finder. so i think i right-clicked and selected 'update folder location' and selected the new 'photos' folder (which was basically the same folder as 'photography hdd' but with a new name -- i guess this is what mixed up Lightroom).


      then all the pictures disappeared. none were showing up.

      i decided to rename 'photos' to 'photography hdd', hoping that Lightroom would recognize the name and then understand where the files are. but it didn't change anything.


      seeing that i had not much options, i tried synchronizing the folder 'photography hdd'. it was appearing as if i was importing 12000 brand new photos -- i then understood that the pictures i initially had in there would not be recognized, even though i put the parent folder back to its original 'photography hdd' name.


      is there any way to get back the edits i made to the files that were there initially, before i screwed everything up? all i care about is to get the same edits back (called virtual copies i think).


      please note: i haven't changed the file names nor their respective organized-by-date folder names. all i changed was the parent folder name, but i put it back to its original name. the BIG issue, and the cause of all of this, is that i made all my folder changes in Finder, not in Lightroom.