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    My atercard dosen´t work. Why I have not change anything on my card adress etc., 26 of juli 2015, i got an e-mail, Yoy wrote that i did not have to do anything. Evrething should work as normal. 26 of aug., you wrote taht my Masterard was wrong is not. I h


      Why does my Creative Cloud Photography not work? I have not Change anything. 26 of July I've got an e-mail from you, saying that I've have nothing to worry about, when the start of Creative Cloud Photography for the next year would start. (26 of Aug. 2015). All my data: address, city, name, postnr etc. and my MasterCard is not change. The only thing I can think on, is that the payment is raised from 87,50 SEK to 107,50 SEK for the next period ( 26 of Aug 2015 to 26 of Aug 2016), make that it does not work.


      Your sincerely


      Janerik  Hoglund