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    CH crashes on 'render as image'




      this isn't my first thread in here, but i think it's a good opportunity to thank you guys at adobe for making CH. I have a small production company in Germany, and we've been developing an animation series for a while now. CH just fits just perfectly for this project. This kind of workflow is exactly what was missing from it. I actually asked myself (before the first preview came out), why there is no technology out there, that combines already possible things like voice recognition and face tracking together. This not only speeds up our workflow, it also enables us to simply 'shoot' shots (and actually edit them together) and we can also play with our characters, even if they are still in development and get to know them. And yes, i know, this is still in a kind of beta stage, but so is our project (we are in the process of getting public funding for the development phase). So we will be happy to move with CH as it enhances.


      Right now I'm stuck with a little testing project of mine (i started it some month ago but didn't finish animating it the old fashioned way ). I've everything set up in AI (I'm really an AI guy when it comes to animation) and import it to CH. The puppet loads correctly into the puppet window and i can click "generate new scene...". Then, when I click on "render as image" for the cheeks (so the guy doesn't look like a construction worker who tried make up for the first time) CH crashes and I am not able to open the project file again.


      I can send you a screen recording and all project files if needed.


      Thanks a lot. Cheers. Timm (from GRANARTE Film)