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    I have a problem with the color on my monitor and when i print it out on the printer


      I have a macbook pro, using lightroom CC (and photoshop cc) and I have a canon pima pro9500 Mark II printer..  I have the picture perfectly on my monitor, but when I print it out I get more of a greenish blue in my printed picture..  ..  I feel like I have tried everything.  Color management in the print module set to the same paper (the 4x6 canon photo paper plus glossy II) I've tried srbg for 1 and 2, the canon IJ color printer profile 2005..  I have it set to where lightroom manages the color..  Ive tried managed by printer and setting the color matching to the paper..  Im at my wits end ..  the only way i can get what i wanted was to turn down the green in the develop module to get the type of blue i wanted..  Help?


      Just to let you know..  my monitor is calibrated with SpyderPro..  I did that twice


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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi felix,


          Could you please try and print from non Adobe Application like Preview or Photos.

          So that it can be checked if the issue is with Lightroom or the printer drivers not upto date.


          Please let us know if it helps.



          Tanuj Sandal

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I would guess one of two situations, either you have colors on screen that cannot be printed (out-of-gamut) or you have incorrect color management settings in LR and the printer driver that are causing both LR and the Printer applying a printer profile, or the wrong printer profile, or no profile being applied.


            To check for out-of-gamut colors you should enable softproofing, select your printer-paper ICC profile in the softproof Profile area and turn on the printer out-of-gamut warning and see if any color area is not printable which will be indicated by a red overlay:


            As far as how to set up your printer and LR, this is how the manual says to set things in the printer driver when you're using application (i.e. LR) ICC profiles:

            Once the printer color matching is set to None in the Canon printer driver, go back to LR, select the same printer-paper ICC profile that matches the paper you're printing on, after adding it to the list if necessary using the Other Profiles selection.



            In this situation I didn't actually correct the yellows to be in gamut so I'd expect them to look different on paper than what was on screen.


            To make the yellow color be within the printer-paper gamut, I can use the HSL sliders, mainly yellow and orange, so minimize the red out-of-gamut warning area.  Here you can see the bright yellow at the left that I started with, and the muddier, orange yellow that is mostly all within the printer-paper gamut:


            The printer and paper profile I'm using is entirely different than  yours and the color that's out-of-gamut is yellow, not blue, but it illustrates that adjusting the toning and color settings is the way you can make colors go back within the gamut of the paper you're using.

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              felix1971 Level 1

              I did what you said..  I printed from mac preview..  I did two prints, one with the colorsync with the correct paper profile..  Came out better  but still some green in the middle, and the other with canon color matching, which the top half where its supposed to be blue has green mixed in..  I will post a picture tomorrow whereas my phone is wigging out on me..

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                I'm having the same problem...I think my problem is with the magenta. I use LR4, I have the latest drivers for my Pixma Pro-10 and I use the current ICC profiles for the various papers that I have bought from different manufacturers. When I go to the develop module for a picture that I'm about to print, I create and duplicate a using Soft Proofing. there I select the paper that I gonna be using and make all my adjustments, I also check that all my colors are in gamut and do what I can so I wont loose details on any image.

                When done with soft proofing, I go to the Print Module where I select the printer that I'm gonna be using, the media, the size, etc....so when I hit print, whether I'm using my Pixma Pro-10 or an older Epson R280 my pictures come out like the picture below on the left, where you can clearly see that picture looks pale, lacking contrast and the colors are not accurate.

                What I've been doing so far, is to create my copy using soft proofing the same what I've been doing it, but instead of printing from light room, I export the file that I had just worked on onto a folder I created for this purpose. the I go to this file, find the picture and I opened using Windows Photo Viewer, from there I can click print and select the printer I will be using, size, paper type, etc., and they come out a lot prettier, like the picture to the right. Another measure that I came up with, instead of printing strain to A3+ paper, I purchased a pack of cheap 4x6's just to see what the picture is gonna look like before I print and not waste the larger more expensive paper.



                A little while back I used to print everything directly from LR4 and everything used to come out beautiful, I think I started having issues after I upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1, but this could also be coincidence.


                Any how, any little be of information will be highly appreciated. I have partially fixed the problem, but if for what every reason I order a book or prints from adorama or something, I'm afraid my pictures will not be printed the way I see them in my monitor.

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                  zvocio Level 1

                  Have you tried cleaning your printer? Remover the printing head and clean it...I use a special solvent (I dont have the name right now). I just cleaned mine by removing the ink cartridges and removing  the print head....took it to the sink and I poured some of this solvent dont through the slots where the ink is absorbed into the head before it comes out the other end. That would clean any passages that may be clogged. Make sure to cover your ink cartridges during this procedure so they won't  dry up. Once you put the print head back with the cartridges you can eaither do a print head alient and print a little report or do a print head cleaning but you'll be wasting a lot of ink.