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    find  little spots with masking function


      Hi together,


      Sorry, I don`t know the exact english tool names because I have a German lightroom edition.


      I figured out, that the masking tool (press alt during moving the masking fader in the detail / sharpening menue) is a good tool to find little spots in the pictures. It is hard to find this little spots in the blue sky but with the masking tool and press alt,  you can see them directly.  But it is a lot of work to jump between masking tool and repair tool. Is there a solution to see that mask all the time?


      I know that is not the task the masking tool was build for, but I think it will make my work much easier, sadly by Nikon D800 has a lot of spots in the pictures  after a 3 week trip...




      Greetings from Cologne Germany