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    Can I edit multiple keyframes at once?

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      When I make my banners in Flash it was pretty easy to change dimensions of a banner ad. For example, if I designed a 728x90 banner and needed a 468x60 version, I simply clicked on 'Edit multiple keyframes' and set it to 'All'. I then selected all keyframes on all layers and resized everything at once to fit to 468x60.


      In Edge I basically have to redo every banner. When I first do a 728x90 banner and want to make a 468x60 copy I can't just select all objects/elements and resize it to 468x60. Not with the selection tool and the transform too. It does all kinds of weird things when I do that. Not all objects are resized or some more than the other or the distance between objects changes, etc. etc. I have to check keyframe for keyframe and resize every object individually. Which is a nuisance.


      Edit multiple keyframes isn't possible in Edge?