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    2 quest: Can I uninstal just 1 out of all apps in Cs5 master suite? And if yes, how do uninstall just indesign.


      I have the master cs5 collection. I just need to re download the ID due to tech errors. from trying to dock it. The contents spilled out and I put the files in the plug in folder and idk if that was even right to do (i bet not)  Idk how to fix it so maybe just uninstal the 1 program and re install it . But IDK how that works f its part of the master suite or does it not matter?


      How can I uninstall InDesign without uninstalling Illustrator etc.


      Or would it be easier to fix what I did? Which is take the app out of finder and forced it to place itself back but not properly with contents of folder (presets, plug ins,etc) the folders were just not inside the app.


      Help please, i tried calling the 1800 and no luck:(

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