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    My Suggestion.. Integrate fully into AE...


      This program would make a great tool if it was fully integrated into AE, like the puppet tool. Its no secrete that 2D character animation within AE has come a long way with scripts like IK. Quite a few people have been scripting inside AE for years, so that now we can achieve functional 2D puppet rigs. I mean, Adobe never really acknowledged that AE could be a useful for 2D character animation until recently. Their point, AE is an compositing tool. Don"t get me wrong, there's a lot that I like about this program but it's years away from being useful. Especially, since we don"t have access to script within the program itself. I suspect Adobe wants to develop this into a app that can compete with Toon Boom as oppose to adding useful 2D character tools inside of AE, and for those of us who've been asking for them inside AE for years, it's disappointing.

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          CoSA_DaveS Adobe Employee

          Thank you for the suggestion. We will be integrating Ch more tightly with AE, but for various technical reasons it needs to be a separate application. That said, independently, AE could benefit from an updated puppet tool based on the technology in Ch -- and while I don't speak for the AE team anymore, I hope that happens and meets your needs.