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    Tethering Nikon D5300 - remote no longer works


      I'm trying to use Lightroom to tether my Nikon D5300 which works to a limited degree.


      I want to use Lightroom as a photobooth of sorts.  For thsi to work I need some way to automate it.


      One thought would be to be able to use the timelapse feature of the camera - that doesn't work once it's tethered.

      Another thought was to hand a wireless remote to the folks and have them trigger their own photos - remote does not seem to work when the camera is tethered.


      Anyone out there using a Nikon camera tethered to lightroom for this kind of thing?


      Is there a way to script lightroom so the tethering app will take a photo every so often?


      I would love to hear your experiences.