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    iphoto 08 to Lightroom 6 - How to import?



      unfortunately Lightroom 6 can only import from iPhoto Library version 9.5.1 or later.


      What is the best solution/ workaround to import from iphoto version 7.1.5?


      Thanks for sharing me your ideas.



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          Tanuj Sandal Adobe Employee

          Hi gerlight,


          You could import the images of Master Photos folder of iPhotos.

          Or you could update the iPhotos to the latest version and then import the images in Lightroom.


          Please let us know if it helps.



          Tanuj Sandal

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            robgendreau Level 3

            That's a very old version.


            You could go into the Masters folder in the library package itself and copy it out to the Finder. Then import that into Lr, with my recommendation being to let Lr MOVE (not copy) the images to a date-based folder structure. If you didn't copy images into iPhoto's library, i.e. referenced them, you can just import them from where they are. Here's an old tutorial explaining one way to do it: Moving Your Images From iPhoto to Lightroom — Lightroom Secrets


            You might be able to search around for some old software that could aid in exporting; maybe "iphoto to disk" or iPhoto Library Manager? IIRC you'd have to go through a couple of iPhoto upgrades to get to the version Lr can deal with. But basically it's more like archaeology than photography; it might not be worth the effort and easier and simpler to just start organizing anew with the masters.