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    If I receive a pdf through my email, how can I open the pdf in creative cloud?


      I am about to give up and demand a refund. Pretty upset. I purchased this product with the purpose that:


      a. When PDFs are EMAILed to me -- or sent via fax to my dropbox: I can send said PDF

      b. I need to be able to OPEN said PDFs in CREATIVE CLOUD

      c. AND THEN: I need to actually edit (and even sign) said files

      d. THEN: I need to be able to convert said files into a format (such as a picture) so that EFAX can send said revision


      If ADOBE CLOUD can not do this on my iPAD: FINE. Just be honest and upfront about this


      If it can do such this: how do I OPEN these PDF files on an iPAD?




      If I can not get some solid answers by Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.: I am going to cancel my membership once and for all.