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    keep photos synced across two drives

    jakeniece Level 1

      I want to have two copies of the same catalog on two different drives. When I make changes to one, I want to be able to sync those changes with the other so that they are identical.


      The idea is that I have a RAID at home where I do most of my work, but I want that catalog duplicated on a portable drive. If I make changes to a photo, or import new photos on the portable drive, I want those changes to be reflected on the RAID at home without having to copy over the entire catalog. I just want to sync the changes. Likewise, if I make changes on the RAID, I want those reflected on the portable drive. And not just new photos going forward, if I dig into old photos and do some editing, I want those changes too.


      Is there a way to do this without having to copy the entire catalog, or create a new catalog for every new shoot? If I make an adjustment to an older photo, I want just the metadata and adjustments updated. I've tried copying catalogs and making new catalogs with changes and exporting/importing them between the two drives, but this is cumbersome and I'm winding up with a lot of duplicates.


      I'm using the latest build of Lightroom CC on a Mac. Thanks for your ideas and tips!




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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          There are no great solutions for automated syncing of catalogs.  Some people use Dropbox and Onedrive -- search these forums for recipes and experiences -- but it's my impression that can be fragile, and syncing speed will be limited to your Internet bandwidth.


          Why not use the portable drive as your main drive for both home and out-of-home use?  On the desktop, configure an incremental backup program to backup the portable to the RAID.


          LR's performance is not as sensitive to disk speed as people think, so even an inexpensive hard-disk portable could give you acceptable performance on your desktop.  LR and the operating system end up caching the bulk of the catalog in memory, and when loading photos into Develop, LR is limited mainly by processor speed, not disk speed.


          Or you could get a portable SSD -- their prices have been dropping steadily, and you'll get gobs more disk performance then LR will ever use.