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    Print size different than cell size


      I'm looking for the settings to use in the Print Modulein order to get cell size to print exact. I determined how to get exact width, but cannot figure out how to get exact height printed.


      Printed heights are about 1/4" less than cell height.


      Settings I'm currently using are:


      Printer: Epson a Stylus Pro 9900

      Software: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015, up to date version

      OS: WIN 8.1


      Example 1


      Page Setup>

      -borderless printing checked


      Layout Style>

      -zoom to fill checked


      Cell Size>      Printed Size

      Height 25.            24.75

      WIdth 21.             21.25


      Example 2


      all same as above except

      Printer Settings>

      EXPANSION set to retain Size


      Cell Size.           Printed size


      Height 25.                24.75

      WIdth. 21.                 21


      Other info:

      Borderless check or unchecked results in printed height being approximately 1/4" less than cell size height.

      Zoom to to fill unchecked reduces size of image within cell



      Anyone have a solution so cell height is exactly the same as printed height?




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          Ciao, I have the same problem, but the print size are bigger than cell size

          Page dimension A3 = 297x420 borderless

          Border 32;32;20;20

          Cell size 257 x 356 (correct because 297 - (20+20) = 257...)


          On the print I have cel size 263 x 364 (so my borders are wrong) and also not regular . Left and right the same 28 instead 32, top 18 instead 20, bottom 16 instead 20 (18+16 = 34 thats correct about the print cell, but it was not I write in lightroom)


          The printer is the Epson SURECOLOR P600




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            nbruton Level 1



            Do you need to set margins. Try setting all margins to 0.


            After selecting the Printer settings tab on the bottom of the Layout panel on the right side of the screen, you should see a tab called EXPANSION which is located beside the Borderless setting I believe (working from memory, dont have Lr open).  Select that tab and then select RETAIN SIZE. That should keep the cell width correct.

            Getting the correct cell height is what's stumping me though.