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    Lightroom 4 - Slideshow issues, help please




      We are having issues with the Slideshow section of Lightroom 4. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so how to fix it please.

      I've attached an image to show  the issue.

      In short - We have had no problems creating slideshows in the past, then suddenly Lightroom started getting a little slow. We went back into a previous slideshow that was set up and it wouldn't play. The music would start, the opening logo would show then it would stop. I've tried creating a new slideshow with the same results.

      I've now noticed that in the Slideshow section the styling of Lightroom has gone wrong (see screenshot marked in red). "Export PDF" button etc. which should be bottom left is hovering top left AND back to front. And the play buttons along the bottom are not sowing up as they should.

      So far we have:

      Checked for updates

      Uninstalled Lightroom and reinstalled.

      purged cache for images and video

      removing  the previews file - didn't make any different

      And optimised the catalogue.

      Nothing seems to work and thoughts welcome.