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    Photos do not "Show in Finder" in Grid Mode (but in full-size preview)


      Started to work on older photos again in LR6. Rendered whole year of photos as Smart Previews. Got error message at the end that 500 (of 3000) could not be located. But I see them physically in Finder.


      In LR6 I cannot access "Show in Finder" via Grid view in Library Module BUT when I click to get full-sized preview suddenly LR6 DOES offer the right-click menu option "Show in Finder". So obviously they are there and accessible.


      Does anybody have an idea?




      Just had an idea: I noticed that photos (from 2007) were still using the old processing. So I highlighted them all and went to "Update to most recent processing (2012)" (or whatever the English translation is). NOW I can open them in finder even via Grid mode. 


      I thought I am posting this question=solution anyway.