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    How would people compare Flash vs ToonBoom

    andreust94958707 Level 1

      I would like to get into some actual cartoon animations, but I don't know which one is better.

      Suggestions + reasons?


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          Stewart AJ Level 1

          It really depends on what version of Flash you would plan on using. In my opinion, Flash Professional CC is much easier to navigate than Flash CS5. I don't know very much about ToonBoom, but I do know that it looks quite similar to Flash CS5, and doesn't have many things that Flash doesn't. Either way, my vote would be for Flash.



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            Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

            They are both powerful programs and while it's hard to learn on both, Flash is substantially easier to grasp, especially when it comes to rigging a character. There are also MANY more tutorials and forums devoted to Flash but most of their user base consists of programmers, which also causes a new animator problems because not that many people know how to rig properly or animate in Flash and most of the answers you'll get in a forum will tell you how to do it with code which is NOT 'actual cartoon animation' which is what you said you wanted. But it is a lot at $20 a month vs. $100 cheaper and there are many plugins that enhance an animator's ability within Flash.

            All that said, Harmony is actually a far better program for pure animation because it has a far better way of rigging (although MUCH more complicated) it  also particles like rain and snow and glows and the ability to put a deformer on an entire character allowing them or their arm to bend fluidly. Nothing even close to that in Flash exists. Also Harmony has a 3d camera and you can create multiplane shots (where the far away elements moves slower than the foreground in a background)  and in Flash all you can do is resize the artwork to be larger to pretend you're trucking in or panning.as well as particles and actual drawing tools. Plus you can draw in both vector and bitmap which makes it far easier to draw. It's very difficult to draw in Flash and it takes a while to get used to it. Still, it IS possible to do so even if the line quality suffers. There are ways around it though, like converting the pencil to fill and then tweaking it to look okay (like thick and thin) and some just draw in a different program like Illustrator or Photoshop and then import the art to build a rig that way. Toon Boom also has a community of developers devoted TO animation instead of programming which is where Adobe has squarely set it's efforts. Also it's easier to get a film out of Harmony because Adobe doesn't care about exporting, they mostly care about programming because that's where they make their money.


            If you want to make professional films in the long term, choose Harmony, but if you want to get up and running quickly animating learn Flash. Also, if your end goal is to get a job, many studios across the world still use Flash for broadcast animation even if Adobe ignores that fact and while some use Harmony most of the television animation production in the US is done in China and Korea.

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              Asymetrical Adobe Community Professional

              Actually Harmony has MANY more tools than Flash and even Toon Boom Studio (which is being phased out) has more tools than Flash.