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    How do I contact someone about a licencing issue?




      How do I contact someone in the faceless Adobe empire about a licencing issue? I have had the product growing dust for nearly 3 years, I can provide proof of purchase, but don't know how to re-install the product because I've lost (or don't recognise) the licence key)


      My wife bought me Adobe Photoshop elements 11 in December 2012, via Amazon UK. When I installed it, it completely invaded and reorganised my pictures library, so I promptly uninstalled it so that I could better specify the re-installation. I left it  a few weeks because I was wary and hacked off. When I came to re-install, I couldn't find the licence number (it's not like me, but sh*t happens). I've had the disks and packaging sat on a shelf for nearly 3 years but I think I should legitimately be able to use the package. so how do I locate - or get a new - licence number?


      Thanks for your help


      Martin Carson


      Is it always this difficult to get to deal with enormous corporations when they've already had your money?   I don't think a contact email address is too much to ask.