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    MXF files

    Bambomix Level 1

      How can I import MXF files into Premiere elements 13? I have just bought a Canon XC10 but cannot use it!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system is involved? Are these MXF 4K?


          Premiere Elements does not support MXF files, 4K or not. You need to convert them into a format compatible with Premiere Elements.

          There are numerous converters that can be found online which name your camera MXF 4K - these can be for Windows or Mac. The ones that I have seen need to be purchased but do offer free tryouts. I would have to search further for those that might be completely free.


          Have you explored any of these MXF converters for your purpose of editing your files in Premiere Elements 13/13.1?


          Please consider and supply more information.


          Thank you.



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            Bambomix Level 1

            Hi, I have registered in HD 50i.

            I have tried Brorsoftware MXF Converter and Wondeshare Video Converter: looking the results, both MOV and MPG lose a few of quality. So I think it's not a good idea to convert, due to the high quality of the Canon XC10 just bought.

            Do you know if Premiere Pro accept MXF? I think about the upgrade.

            Many thanks.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              I do not work with Premiere Pro, so I need to go on what I read about that. From what I have read Premiere Pro CC has problems with MXF and needs the MXF conversion, presumed to H.264.mov.


              Please double check that information in the Adobe Premiere Pro Forum to take advantage of the expertise there.

              Premiere Pro CC


              Adobe is expected to release a new version of Premiere Elements September October 2015. The new features are not known until the moment of release of the new product.


              Please let us know of your progress as your schedule permits.


              Thank you.