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    Zeiss Batis 85mm f./1.8 FE lens profile for Lr5?




      I recently bought a Zeiss Batis 85mm f./1.8 FE lens which I plan to use on a Sony A7II body.


      I didn't realise that:-


      a) the lens has quite bad pin-cushion distortion, and

      b) it can't be corrected in-camera.


      I see people saying, 'Just correct it in post'. But I also see that only Lr6 has a built-in profile for this lens.


      I have Lr5.


      Is there no way to download the profile to use in Lr5? I really have to ditch Lr5 just for that?


      I downloaded and installed something called 'Lens Profile Downloader' but it has a very short list of profiles - no Batis.


      I'm not sure I'm competent to create my own profile.


      Any suggestions or advice gratefully received!


      Best wishes,