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    Problems Connecting to Virtual Host

      We host about 40 websites for our different departments. We mostly use Dreamweaver to edit them, but had started using Contribute as an easy alternative for less web savy people who wanted more control over their content. I believe that when we implemented SFTP, we began having problems with using Contribute. I've run through the FAQs and tested SFTP using Adobe's walk-throughs.

      The major difference between Contribute and Dreamweaver is that you can specify all the connection settings in Dreamweaver before you make a connection, where as in Contribute you can only specify the host directory in the second step. But since Contribute tries to access the inetpub folder (the folder where all websites are in) with the given credentials, it fails and never let's you get to the second step. This seems like it would be a huge problem with any server that does virtual hosting (shared IP). We can't allow each website to have access to the folder with all the other websites in it, but Contribute won't let us specify the individual website folder within inetpub to go to before it fails and won't let you continue.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!