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    Lightroom CC preset for Big Stopper filter

    BenElliott-UK Level 1

      I know how to set up a user defined preset. However, is it possible to create a preset that doesn't just set the colour temperature to a set figure but to just add a certain number of degress K?


      For example, as shot without the filter shows a colour temperature of 4950K and a tint of 0. With the filter the same shot shows a temperature of 6450K and a tint of -7. Therefore a correction of +1500K and a tint of -7 applied to all of my shots using the Big Stopper filter will correct all shots. But, I don't want all shots to have a temperature of 6450K but to add +1500K to the temperature as shot, whatever that turns out to be. Is this possible?


      Thanks in anticipation.