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    AE CS6 has weird renders!

    dpolkat3 Level 1

      I asked this a month ago and essentially got no answers. I'm running AE CS6 on a 4 core PC with 6 gigs memory and Windows 7 Pro. Until this started it has always worked fine!  Lately (in the last few months) if I import any footage (usually 1080i or p) into CS6 and DON'T do anything with it (no effects or...) it plays fine. But, if I do anything to it (sharpen, color change, any visual effect) then render it, the playback file shows tiny color or contrast flickering. It is like tiny little blocks of pixels here and there in the image that get brighter and dimmer every half second or so. It is not very strong, doesn't destroy the images or anything like that, but it is definitely negatively noticeable. No new software or new methods of use were employed, and I've tried three different cameras with the same results (I usually shoot with a Nikon 1 V1) so I don't blame the cameras. And the original footage plays just fine in other players like VLC.


      It's weird! Otherwise, CS6 seems to work fine, but the recent renderings are unacceptable. Can anyone even make a guess???  Thanks!