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    Can I recover the current catalog I was working in even if it was not backed up?



      I am new to Lightroom and  using a forum so I hope I am doing this right.


      Problem: On 9/5/15 I was trying to find a missing file. In doing so I went to where my backups are stored and clicked on the various back ups - and relaunched one of them. I ASSUMED I would be able to return to the catalog I was working in being my system did not crash or anything. Of course the second I opened a backup I thought - OO, I bet I should have done a backup first - but tooooooooo late. I have gone into Open Recent Catalog and I can only open the ones from my backup location that I had opened. Is there a way to view a longer list of recent catalogs? If I could go down one more catalog on the list it would have to be the one I was working in on 9/5/15. My last backup was on 9/2/15 (which I launched) - but it does not have the edits I made to photos on 9/5/15. Please tell me all is not lost. I have a days worth of work which I don't mind redoing - but the biggest issue is that I do not have a way of knowing which folders I made edits in as I was not working off of a list, it was all random.


      I am on a PC - if I did a system restore to 9/5/15 - would that give me my catalog from 9/5/15?


      I hope I am explaining this in a way that makes sense. I am really stressed, what is lost is for a client. Please Help.