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    ValidateNow() not working...

    Opsware_Jeff Level 1
      I have a VBox to which the user adds any number of custom mxml components by clicking an Add button. The added child component has a combo box in it, and the selection of an item in the combobox is supposed to change the size of the whole child component. However, in practice the size remains unchanged... that is, until the next child component is added, which forces the redraw of the parent VBox. When the parent is forced to redraw in this way, then the child component that was previously told to re-size finally does!
      I thought a simple "this.validateNow()" on the change handler of the combobox would force the redraw of the child component, but it does nothing.
      So, how does one force a redraw of a custom mxml component when resizing is required?

      Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.