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    My page presets keep duplicating. I end up with 100s of presets. Recurring bug, happens every couple of months thru cs6- cc 2015

    Pat481 Level 1

      I've had to clear out my page presets panel multiple times in the past couple of years due to a bug that won't go away. Every once in a while I will open my page presets to find two versions of every single present, including the "custom" menu item. Only the "real"/original  page preset works. takes ages to delete and rebuild all of these presets. next couple of days, it's three of every preset.


      On a possibly related note, the change orientation in the "custom" menu never actually changes the orientation of the page unless I also change the size. For example, flipping the page 90 degrees from 450px x 200px to 200px to 450px will do nothing, leaving the page at 450px x 200px. However flipping the page from 450px x 200px  to 201px x 450px will work fine.


      on a mac, from mountain lion with cs6 to Yosemite with cc 2015. Thanks!

      Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 1.56.29 pm.png