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    Problem with artical blue colors in Nikon D750 file (ACR CC 15)

    oli.die Level 1



      I develop my Nikon D750 files using the Camera Standard profile in the most recent ACR version. Every now and then I encounter the problem that in higher iso the color blue in artifical light is oversaturated and with a lack of information. When I switch to the Adobe Standard profile it looks fine but for other reasons I don't want to use the Adobe profile.


      Does anyone have an idea how to manipulate the Camera Standard profile in order to achieve a similar blue as in the Adobe profile?


      With my older Nikon cameras (D3s and D700) it was viceversa. The Adobe profile led to oversaturation and the Camera Standard profile was the solution. I am confused to see this beheaviour inverted with the D750.


      Thank you in advance