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    aborting an effect (move)

      Hello all,

      How would I best go about aborting an move effect? I don't want the effect to complete as end() does. Updating the move effect's properties xBy, xTo etc to zero/the current position before calling end does not have any effect. Neither does just emptying the targets array.

      What I'm doing now is:

      _scrollMove = null;

      but I;m worried about that this probably won't clean up the move effects object, that is that I'm leaking memory.

      Background is that I want an scrolleffect started when the user clicks a button, continue scrolling (==moving) faster and faster until the user releases the button. For this I now use a move effect with a very large values for xBy and xTo. Pehaps there is an altogehter better way of doing this?

      Thanks for reading :)