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    Lightroom 5 & Photoshop 12


      For the third time I'm writing this as I can't speak to a human being and I've been going round the Adobe websites for the past hour.


      I paid £99 for Lightroom 5 & £44 for Photoshop Elements 12 in April 2014 via Amazon. I've just updated my Nikon D7000 for a D7200 only to find I can't download RAW files to either programme. I tried, via the website, to see if I'm entitled to a free upgrade to either but all that happened was that I was asked numerous irrelevant questions that I couldn't get past.  So I had a "chat" with customer care who was of no use whatsoever and sent me here for "expert" advice. I tried the technical support telephone number (British) to be told by a US voice to phone back tomorrow - Labour Day in the US today, not here! I tried another number, go through 4 menus to be told there's no telephone support for Lightroom/Photoshop. Hence this question.


      What appalling customer "service". This could no doubt be sorted quite quickly via a phone call.


      How do I get my RAW files downloaded into Photoshop and Lightroom?