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    Director and databases

      Good day,

      We need to develop an application that should be able to write information to a database stored in a server and retrieve from it as well. There will be 3 levels of user access, and the main application will be published as a Director Projector.

      We have a programmer that has developed the database and the user login/logout functions and the user levels in VB 6.0; what we now need is a way to make the application that we are developing in Director communicate with the programmer's routines.

      I was thinking the ideal solution would be to have the whole interface within the Projector and maybe have the database routines running in the background, waiting for input from the Projector - is that possible? What are some recommended resources or xtras?

      This application will be deployed, probably on a brand new server to host the database and the application and will be accessed from dedicated clients.

      Any help will be very appreciated!