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    RoboHelp 11 - JavaHelp JDK-Selection fails silently - are there any logs that I could view?




      I'm migrating a RoboHelp Project from Version 9 to Version 11, and so far everything went smooth.

      But now I faced a problem that is a show stopper:

      • In the ssl dialogue for generating java help I get a prompt to select a JDK after clicking "Next", "Save" or "Save and proceed"
      • After selecting a JDK the prompt closes and I am back in the ssl dialogue
      • When clicking "Next", "Save" or "Save and proceed" the JDK selection prompt opens again...


      I assume that something goes wrong in the Background that is not forwarded to the user. If I select a wrong JDK folder on purpose then I get a "normal" error message stating that no java.exe and so on could be found...

      I was able to reproduce the behavior on two different PCs.


      So my Question is: How can I find out what's going wrong?

      - Are there logs I could look at?

      - Can I turn on some kind of debug mode to get logs?


      BTW: I am using Version 11.0.4

      Any help would be highly appreciated as the JavaHelp Generation is critical to us.


      Best regards