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    Can i undo move files to original folders?


      Hello fellow members.


      This is my first post in this community, and so I want to thank everyone in advance for their constant help in many other topics, so I did not have to create one myself.


      Anyway, my problem:


      I have an external disk (1TB), which is mine and everyone's backup disk, lol. It has all my stuff, my family's and even some friends backups.


      It is organized somewhat this way:


      -> MyFolder / Work Folder, Music Folder, Et cetera Folder, Multimedia Folder (Photos, wallpapers, videos, et cetera)

      -> Family / Et cetera Folder, Photography Folder

      -> Random Friend / Et cetera Folder, Multimedia Folder

      -> Boss Folder / Work Folder, Private Folder / Et cetera Folder, Photography Folder


      So, I went to Lighroom and start exporting ALL PHOTOS and VIDEOS to  D:\Lightroom\Photos\Organized_By_Year\Organized_By_Day. All fine. BUT... I choose MOVE before starting. You know, when it says Copy as DNG, Copy, Move, Add.


      I think you already know what my problem is..


      Is there a way - without being the manual one... - for copying all those pictures and videos to their original folders?

      'Cause if not, I think i'm in big troube..

      The process in 94% lol, just as a side note.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          There's a few things that are confusing me about what you wrote. Do you mean you are importing (you said you were exporting)?


          What drive is the D: drive? Is it your 1TB external drive? Is it really a "backup" disk, meaning that the originals are somewhere else?


          If my understanding is correct, and you are IMporting using Move, and these are backups that you are importing, then the solution is that you need to find the originals, which should be in the original folders. If these are not really backups, and you don't have actual backups somewhere else, then you are stuck with the new folder hierarchy, and no easy way to restore the photos to their original folders, other than by tedious manual effort.

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            mendron Level 1

            Sorry if i didn't make it clear enough. I'll try better this time.


            I'm not a native english speaker though, so that might also help to not being totally clear.


            I'm transferring data from my external drive, the 1TB one, to one another one in my computer, the D:\ one.


            Since i'm transferring from one drive to another using "move", i called it export. Wrong word?


            About the originals, well, no, my backup is "the" backup.


            Unfortunately, kind of expected that answer..

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              dj_paige Level 9

              You can't move photos by exporting


              You can move photos by importing IF they have never been imported into Lightroom previously. So ... are these photos you want to move previously imported into Lightroom, or not?

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                mendron Level 1

                Nope. It was my first time using Lightroom.


                My solution was to leave it be, because what i did was what i inteded to. (move all photos and videos to D:\)


                The originals, well, since the "move" action in lightroom is nothing else but copy and delete the original, i had to recover what i wasn't suppose to mess around (my friends folder) by using Recuva..


                So, i guess my problem (mess) is solved..