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    where is my image


      I just purchased a vector image, have the invoice and I am checking my "library" and don't see my image.  How long does it take to show up in your library?

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Michelleg,


          You need to add the image to your Creative Cloud Library for it show up in Library.


          Please follow the below steps to download the images or to add them to the Libraries and also you can download it to your computer.


          > Please follow the below link

          Adobe Stock - high quality royalty free stock photos and vectors | Adobe Stock

          > Please make sure that you are signed in with your registered email id with Adobe.

          > Please click on your name in the right hand side top corner.

          > Then click on License History

          > Click on the file number/ID

          > It will open the image to which in the Right hand side, you will find option to Save to Library or Save to Desktop.

          > You can click on the drop down icon to change the option available.


          Please let us know if this helps.




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            sarsaxen Adobe Employee (Admin)



            Once you licensed or purchased an image do the following steps in order to download it:


            1. Go to your licence history on adobe stock page.


            2. Click on the image thumbnail, you will see following page:


            3. Click on "Save to Desktop" Or " My Library"


            4. Check your downloads if you have selected to save it to  desktop else check your library.


            It will only show up in Library if you save it there.


            Please let us know if it helps.



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