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    Gpu output to monitor

    Chase Chick Level 1

      I'm using Octane Render for Cinema 4d along with Adobe suite of products.


      I had my two monitors connected to the gpu (I have a titan x along with 4770 cpu) but I noticed some screen responsiveness issues. So I connected the monitors to the motherboard, and that smoothed everything out as far as octane render was concerned, but Adobe stuff, (photoshop, premiere pro, ae) in the settings the programs seem to want to cling to the hd4600 gpu on the cpu. I'd like to have the titan selected for any gpu accelerated activities.


      Is there a way to have my cake and eat it? Aka, leave the monitors plugged into the mobo for the sake of octane, but also have Adobe apps be able to properly use the titan?



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          JFPhoton Level 3

          ...you should NOT have any problems with 2 monitors on the Titan , unless something is WRONG somewhere !

          Check your BIOS settings during boot to make sure the NVidia card is selected and to turn OFF the internal GPU, if possible.

          Make sure you are using the correct cables for the resolutions you are trying to display AND that each monitor ITSELF is set by ITS controls to display what you want. Example : A minimum HDMI 1.4 cable, or, displayport cable is needed to display 1440p at 60Hz, or, 4K @ 30Hz.  Lesser cables won't work.

          Make sure all your POWER SETTINGS are set to "maximum performance" or, Windows may THROTTLE the CPU AND GPU during use....I found THIS out the hard way...Windows does NOT use "Max performance" as its DEFAULT setting.

          Of course, make sure that you are using the most recent and current driver for your video card along with making sure that your Windows is fully updated. make sure your power supply is adequate and that your GPU is in a 16X slot on the motherboard.


          Check your settings in the Adobe programs to make sure your NVidia GPU is selected and that the memory allocation and CPU allocation settings are correct.

          Click on a blank area of the desktop and open the NVidia control panel. Go to "manage 3D settings"  Click the "restore" button to re-load the default settings. Under "Global settings" the settings should read : " Multiple display performance mode" and " Prefer maximum performance"  Select THOSE settings if they are not already set.  If there are STILL problems ,you can manually select each program under "program settings" and fiddle with settings there, though this is NOT advised and may make things WORSE !


          Good Luck with this!

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            Chase Chick Level 1

            Thanks for all the thoughts.  I double checked to make sure and all my settings are good.  Really the only time I was seeing some issues (frame rate drops in UI of various programs and sluggishness) was when I was rendering something with Octane, which pounds the GPU at 99%.  The recommendation of course on the Octane render forums is to have a dedicated GPU just for display, which was why I was trying to get away with letting the HD4600 run things there. 


            With the displays running out of the mobo, Octane runs great and I can fully work on whatever else I want during a render, but the Adobe apps all seem to only give me the option for the HD4600 in their settings.  Not that the Adobe apps make great use of the GPU, but I still would like to allow them to do so without having to switch the cables.  Adobe Media Encoder does give the option to use CUDA, which I selected, but doing a test render and firing up GPU-z revealed 0% useage on the GPU. 


            So I guess the big question is, can the Adobe apps not use a GPU unless it is connected to the display as well?  And is there no way around this?

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              i don't have onboard video to test or replicate your situation. if you are saying that adobe programs wont find/activate cuda unless the video card is plugged into a monitor, i've not heard of such a problem and seems odd the software would work that way. if you have multiple inputs on one of your monitors, you could try plugging in the titan and see if that will let the adobe software find it. if its really picky, you might have to switch inputs to launch the adobe software then switch inputs back to the intel video and see if the cuda stays enabled. if you don't have a spare input on your monitors, you could also try plugging in the titan to a powered hdmi switch or splitter. if the software is still really picky you might have to plug the switch into the monitor and switch to the titan temporarily to launch the software. you could also try plugging in the titan to the second monitor to test if that lets the adobe software find the cuda before buying a switch or splitter.

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                Chase Chick Level 1

                It's weird, in Premiere in the settings, it seems it is able see the Titan, but it is listed on the bottom.  I can also select CUDA in the drop down.  In Photoshop, the Titan isn't listed at all, just the HD4600.  But in GPU-z, I don't get any activity out of the GPU when scrubbing a timeline, which I used to get.  (I could also literally hear the Titan making noise when it's doing something). 


                Dear Adobe, please update your software so that your programs can see/use discrete graphics, even if the monitors are not attached to the discrete GPU.

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                  Chase Chick Level 1

                  Update for those on pins and needles about my obscure situation.


                  Working on a premiere comp tonight, fired up gpu-z to see what what going on, and with the monitor still hooked up to the mobo, scrubbing through the time line indeed produced some load on both the titan and the hd4600. Certainly fascinating.


                  Is there no one at Adobe who can weigh in and let us/me know what is the optimal way to go here?