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    Audio Waveform missing in AE Comp. -dynamically linked Premier Pro Sequence


      I have the latest PP and AE 2015.0.1 Release (updated today Sept 2015). I have created a premier pro project with a couple of Multi Camera Source sequences and a music track. I dragged and dropped the Premier Pro sequence into AE.

      In AE when I click the sequence I see a yellow waveform below the thumbnail on the top lefthand side, the detail text on the project window also shows that its a 48kHz Stereo audio file.

      However when I drag and drop the sequence into the Create Comp button, the new comp thats created doesn't seem to have the audio in it. in the timeline view I click the Audio Chevron, and then the Waveform chevron but I can't see the waveform.


      This new version of AE does not have ram preview any longer so if I hit Spacebar or just the play button in the Preview the video plays but I don't hear any audio.


      In my Composition Menu if I go to Preview I see that 'Audio' is checked. Also nothing happens if I click Audio Preview.


      I've also tried in PP - Render Audio (to render the entire sequence' audio). But that doesn't do it either.


      Any ideas?