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    LR6: folders messed up after moving to EHDD, images renamed


      Hi: I encountered a very strange thing using LR6.


      I moved a folder containing some 7000 images in subfolders to an EHDD. Moving was made from within LR6. It seemed to have worked fine, so didn't give much time in checking all the images. Now a few weeks later I realized that in two of the subfolders images were duplicated and stored under the former name of another image. Thus say image1.nef was duplicated as image2.nef thus deleting the original image2.nef. In the Lightroom catalogue image2.nef was still described with the keywords of the former image2.nef, also the development actions were as with the former image.


      Anybody having an idea why such a thing can happen? I am nervous that this might happen again. I had a backup fortunately going back for these several weeks, but this was just sheer luck.


      Working on iMac 27" / OS X 10.10.5 / LR6 / the EHDD is a Samsung 1TB SST