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    Font replacement

    Sudha K Level 1



           I'm changing one font to another font by using the below codes with iteration of stories and textRanges.  But its not replacing this font("Euclid"). When I used "Helvetica" instead of "Euclid", its working. But its not working for "Euclid" font. It does not throw any error.  Its returning Cnt correctly but the same font is retaining after replaced to the new font.




           var repFont = "Euclid";

           var txtRanges = cStory.textRanges;

           for(var txtRg = 0; txtRg < txtRanges.length; txtRg++)


                txtRanges[txtRg].textFont = app.textFonts.getByName(repFont);




           I dono the issue.  can anyone help me..


      - Sudha K