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    How do I get multi-level TOC generated from a Word file?




      I am a new user of RH (version 2015), so I think I might be missing something.


      I am trying to generate a help system from an already existing set of User Guides created in MS Word. The topics are multi-level and the document is styled appropriately.

      When I'm linking a document to the project, the style-based pagination and TOC generation works fine except for one thing: I get all the topics and subtopics on level 1, without grouping them into books, and of course if I make any changes manually they all get lost if I need to generate the TOC again.

      I could stop the pagination at a higher level (e.g., H2 instead of H3), but some of the topics have a great number of subtopics, which themselves can be rather long, so I would like to have them as separate pages and not just a single page with anchors.


      Is there a way to make RH generate the multi-level TOC from the linked document or is my only option to import the documents and adjust everything manually?


      Any help would be much appreciated.