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    Coldfusion Probe

    BosDog Level 1
      what would be the directory structure for executing a script if the probe fails? if the file i want to run is located at c:\test3.bat why won't the probe run this file? i am not getting any error messages... but the batch file is not being executed...
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          ksmith Level 1
          Start by writing a test template that does a cfexecute on that batch file. Does it run? If not what is the error.

          Check this technote on running CF as a specific user. You probably cannot execute a batch file, especially to stop/start a service as localsystem: http://www.adobe.com/go/tn_17279
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            BosDog Level 1
            here is what i am doing to test it. i created a file called test2.bat which contains the command "del test.txt" (test.txt contains 3 letters abc). i then run a file called test3.cfm with the following code:

            <cfexecute name="d:\test2.bat">

            then when i look on the d: drive test.txt does not get deleted. i get no coldfusion errors so it appears the bat file runs. when i click and run the bat file manually it does what its supposed to and deletes test.txt file (which is within the same directory as the bat file). so the problem is that the bat file is not doing the commands its supposed to when coldfusion executes it... what do you suppose is wrong? i also followed the link in your previous help and setup a coldfusion user the way it told me to.