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    Print Cover (front and back) in color and internal pages in B&W


      Hi folks:


      I'm somewhat new to InDesign and printing. We're printing booklets on a Konica Minolta c364, saddle stitched.


      My InDesign files have a front and back cover that is in full color with B&W pages in between.


      If I print, all the pages, including the internal B&W pages, cost me "color clicks". The black is printing in composite color.


      How do I tell indesign to output covers in full color and internal pages using grayscale.


      At present, I generate a full color PDF. I make a copy and use preflight to convert it to greyscale. then I copy the covers from the full color PDF to the greyscale pDF, removing the greyscale covers. Then, the covers print in color (costing a color click), while the internal pages print in greyscale (properly using the K toner, printing in greyscale).


      I'd like to figure out a way to output either a PDF directly from InDesign where the covers are color and internal pages are NOT composite color but greyscale, speeding up my workflow. (it's not like it takes a LONG time to do the work around. but when  you are doing lots of booklets as we are, it does take extra time and can cause mistakes. )