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    Advice for someone possibly switching from Photoshop Elements

    Danny_DeLoach Level 1

      I just learned that future versions of Photoshop Elements will not support Mobile Albums.  This is an essential feature for me.  Adobe is urging people to use Lightroom CC, if they want this feature.


      I have tested Lightroom CC with the one-month free trial.  It was clear to me that Lightroom is designed for more professional use, while Elements was more for consumers, like me.  I know that Lightroom can be used by consumers.  However, after using it for several weeks, I felt that it didn't suit my usage scenario.  For instance, two things about Lightroom made me not want to use it.  First, the interface is cluttered (for my needs).  I like the view recently introduced in Elements where there is no space between photos.  This view, combined with the ability to easily hide much of the user interface, makes it easy to peruse many pictures in a quick and visually appealing way.  Another shortcoming that I found in Lightroom was that there was no way to view both photos and videos in full screen mode.  When I tried to do so, videos did not automatically play. In fact, there was no indication that a particular file was even a video (e.g. the presence of playback buttons).


      Please don't interpret this post as a slight against Lightroom.  After using it for several weeks, my impression was that it was a wonderfuly designed application.  I saw many ways that it had a superior workflow for photography professionals or enthusiasts.  However, those same realizations are what made me feel that Photoshop Elements was the product right for my needs.  Now, Adobe is forcing consumers to use Lightroom, if they want mobile albums.  That concerns me, because Lightroom just doesn't seem like a good fit for the needs of this category of user.


      So, I guess the point of my post is to fish for information from Adobe to see if they have any plans to modify Lightroom in the future to give it some of the features from Photoshop Elements that made it work well for consumers.