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    PS Elements 12 not importing raw/nef images from Nikon D750 but LR 6 is...please help (tried changing plug in)!


      Sorry if this was covered before. I use Lightroom 6 and PSE 12 on my Macbook Pro. I import first to LR 6, which imports Raw / NEF images fine from my D750.  For the times that I need more intense editing, I then open with PSE 12. But PSE 12 will not import my D750 NEF/ Raw files. I read a bit about this and checked the Raw plug-in version, which is 8.5 (which won't import). I don't know if it's true, but read that I should download and install the version 8.3 plug-in instead. I downloaded it and put it in the subfile under PSE 12 subfolder plug-ins. It didn't change the plug-in for the Raw images to 8.3 from 8.5, and I'm not sure whether that's even the right solution. Can someone please help? Do I have the solution right, but am I putting the file in the wrong place or do I have the wrong solution? I can't edit my images!!

      Thanks so much and sorry again that this was probably covered and recovered.